Nintendo 3DS with StreetPass notification light on

What is StreetPass Street?

StreetPass Street is a website dedicated to the StreetPass "functionality" of the Nintendo 3DS.

functionality isn't a very exciting word, so, um, I need to think of something more evocative

What is StreetPass?

StreetPass is an option not evocative of Nintendo 3DS games that interact with other Nintendo 3DS whilst in "sleep" mode, i.e. the Nintendo 3DS is on, but the lid is closed.

When two Nintendo 3DS owners pass each other on the street, if they both have the same games StreetPass enabledsnore, data will magically transfer

You know you have a received a StreetPass pass? as the light on the right hand hinge will turn green.

Certain Nintendo 3DS games have StreetPass modes which you can enable, one of those comes pre-installed and is called StreetPass Mii Plaza, it collects the Mii from other Nintendo 3DS for you to use in Dungeon Quest and Tile swapping, for lots of crazy fun.

So the lid is closed, and I play games?

Sort of, exactly, who knows. Depends on the game. Ridge Racer 3D instantly transfers a time trial ghost to other Nintendo 3DS users, and you race against them once you load up the game. Street Fighter IV 3D has a crazy card game, totem battle thing that I need to investigate

And what is StreetPass Street again?

Instead of trying to cover all the Nintendo 3DS stuff, StreetPass Street is going to simply be a decent resource for information about StreetPass.

Exciting things ahead are:

Why are you bothering, what's in it for you?